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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Justice of God: Jewish Crime

The Justice of God: Jewish Crime

Motivation and propaganda

The Final Trial: Shoah Bizness The Shoah Bizness is engaged in by Gentiles and Jews alike. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ warned about this. See link. Shoah Bizness


That motivation of money and power and use of violent crime to further their agenda of attack upon victims they then blame for what they did is of the method of:

Rabbi Meir Khane

Rabbi Meir Kahane (1932-1990) Founder of The Jewish Defense League (JDL) which is a terrorist organization and has continued after Kahane's death as a violent anti-Arab organ of Jewish Khazar racist nationalism which has commanded numerous terrorist attacks on United States soil and overseas. It has operated covert and subvert assaults and attacks of every kind upon Jews it deems are not violent enough in its estimation and Muslims and peace activists.

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[excerpt] - Feature Articles 360: "Feature Articles

September 2006
A Tale Of Two Murders

A Special Report On The Fifth Anniversary Of 9/11
By J. R. de Szigethy

Within the space of one day in November, 1990, two of the most significant murders in New York City crime history occurred; the murders of Rabbi Meir Kahane and Eddie Lino. Kahane was an Orthodox religious leader, author and public speaker, Israeli politician, FBI Informant, close associate of Colombo Mafia Family Godfather Joe Colombo, and the founder of the militant Jewish Defense League. Lino was a heroin dealer who was a hitman in the 1985 murder of Paul Castellano that elevated John Gotti to Godfather of the Gambino Family. Both murders have one common link; that of NYPD Detective Stephen Caracappa, who played a key role in the investigation of the first murder, and was the triggerman in the second."

[end of excerpt]

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